What makes a society is the agreement of many individuals to act as one body.

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First of all, my heartfelt condolence goes out to the families of those who have died and our thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered injury, find comfort in the fact that we all share and feel your pain. May Allah grant those young souls Jannatul Firdaws, a speedy recovery to those who are injured and patience and strong faith to their parents and families. Amin.

Secondly I have to say congratulations to my people, especially to those brave souls who have challenged injustice by risking their own lives. You have truly done us proud and anybody who values justice.

Somaliland has for many years sought to pull the wool over the world’s eyes while seeking recognition at the expenses of the people of Awdal and Salal. These people are the ones who have sacrificed their rights, pride and development by having faith in their government and only seeking fair treatment from its leaders. This is the thanks they got; give up your fairly won seats to someone else with whom we share interests. Truly a world class legal system!

The Somaliland Government has today finally succeeded and deserves to receive the ultimate recognition of injustice and human rights violations by breaking its own laws just because it suits their interests. They have shown complete disregard to the rights of those people who are under their protection for which they will be held accountable on the Day of Judgement. What

an irony! Even worse is that it has only its leaders to blame. What good can come out of a government which oppresses its people?

To my people I say, this is it, there is no more turning back we are responsible for ourselves and our own development. We have done our best but there is a time when you have to call it a day. The only way is up from now on. In no way am I calling here for revolt or revolution and violence but that we remain firm in upholding our rights to , safety, dignified human life, property and wealth and not tolerating injustice in any shape or form. That is a basic human requirement in order to function as an individual and to grow.

We are a nation that praises itself for knowledge but, knowledge deprived of benefit is of no use in this life or the next. Therefore it is HIGH time all those intellectuals came out of their caves and started benefitting their people while, seeking reward from Allah only. It is a responsibility which you owe to your people, together let’s take ourselves out of darkness and put ourselves in line with nations who aspire and strive hard to be a role model for others.  May Allah be with us. Amin

“The strength in action is, never to put off what you can do today for tomorrow” (Umar Ibn Khattab)

Farxiya Ali Aw Abdi


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