President Uhuru Kenyatta on Al Shabaab They will not have time to breathe

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President Uhuru Kenyatta on Al Shabaab They will not have time to breathe

The President also ruled out the withdrawal of troops from Somalia, saying he would seek a broader coalition with neighbouring countries against the Islamist group.
“Let us all continue praying for our forces in Somalia. My Government will give them all the support they need and for those who carried out the attack thinking they can scare us, they will not have space to breath,” said President Uhuru yesterday in Kilifi. Majority Leader Aden Duale said the National Assembly was ready to reconvene if requested by the President, to increase troops in Somali and ramp up all required support for the KDF operations in the war torn country. Mr Duale said the Government’s revenge should be vicious, adding: “Every drop of blood of our gallant soldiers should be avenged ten times.”

He noted that if requested by the Government, the National Assembly would also revert the KDF offensive to ‘Operation Linda Inchi’ – the code name for KDF’s incursion into Somalia, which began in October 2011 to pursue Al Shabaab militants, who the Government blamed for several attacks and kidnapping of tourists in Lamu
We will stand with the Government and if Your Excellency, you need Parliament’s support, we are ready to reconvene and discuss this matter and give the required support,” said Duale
President Kenyatta reiterated that Kenya would not be cowed and that the goverment would pursue the terrorists and make sure there is peace in Kenya and neighbouring countries.
“We will join hands with other neighbours to make sure there is peace in Somalia because that it is key to development,” he said.
He said Kenya cannot afford to relent in the fight against the militants, adding that a lot had been achieved since 2011, including the revival of tourism in the country.
Duale said there was need to discuss the operation and that “if KDF will revert to ‘Operation Linda Nchi’, we will support that in the clearest indication that Kenya may cut links with other Amisom forces operating in Somalia”. The President and Duale were addressing a gathering in Langobaya after launching the Baricho water project in Kilifi County

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