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Does Faisal Waraabe Call for reign of terror in Somaliland? by Bashir Goth

Although Somali people in general and Somalilanders in particular are used to Faisal Ali Waraabe’s outrageous statements, he recently went over the top when he called upon government to launch a “purging campaign just like Turkey is doing” against what he branded as “internal enemies”. Talking at a ceremony held in Hargeisa to celebrate the […]

Hold your breath until US elects a president by Bashir Goth, Special to Gulf News

Hold your breath until US elects a president by Bashir  Goth, Special to Gulf News

Given Trump’s fickleness, aggressive character and isolationist policy, it is obvious that Arabs who put their honour and dignity above all other considerations would rather live with an intelligent, polite and internationalist Hillary than a man who finds no qualms in being vindictive and insulting.

Maanso ka hadlaysa oday dhaqameedka iyo dawladnimada.

Maqaalkii oday dhaqameedka iyo dawladnimada ee ku soo baxay shabakaddan ayaa waxa ka soo jawaabay Kayd Mohamed Abdalla, waxanu noo soo diray maansadan ee dhegeysi wacan: Awdalpress

Dawladnimada iyo oday dhaqameedka Somaliyeed.

Oday dhaqameed …oday dhaqameed ….oday dhaqameed, marka aad maqasho maxaa maskaxdaada ku soo dhaca? Waa kuwa aan ugu yeedhno Ugaasyada, Boqorrada, Salaadiinta, Caaqillida, Islowyaasha, duubabka iwm.     Xilligii hore      Wakhiyadii hore ee Isticmaarka ka horreysey, waxa ay lahaayeen qaab iyo hannaan ay hawshoodu u socotay, bulshada ay matilaana ay ku daba socotay. Xilligaa […]

South Sudan: Another African resource curse spectacle

It is up to South Sudanese leaders to make their country ‘an island of stability’ in Africa or risk following the example of several other nations on the continent endowed with fantastic riches yet bogged down by gut-wrenching poverty. By Bashir Goth | Special to Gulf News Published: 13:54 August 23, 2016 As the world’s […]


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