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Somali leader wins new boost with high-profile EU visit

Awdalpress–30 Jan, 30—Somalia took a fresh step in its return to the international fold Wednesday with a high-profile EU visit by its leader that comes days after finally winning US recognition. Months after his election, new Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was to meet the European Union’s top officials, marking what a senior diplomat said […]

Silanyo hails U.S recognition of Somalia government

Awdalpress(Hargaysa) 30 Jan,13–Somaliland leader Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo on Wednesday lauded the recent U.S government’s move to recognize the newly elected Somali government headed by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. In his annual speech to his regional parliament, Silanyo said his administration welcomes the U.S decision to recognize the current Somali government. ‘’We are not feeling bad […]

Sayla’ councilors elect new chairman, deputy

Sayla’ councilors on Tuesday elected a new chairman and his deputy to lead the local council affairs after days of controversy over the recent municipal elections in the region.The ten-member council elected Hussein Idle Barqadle as the council chairman and Sa’ad Dahir Ige as his deputy at a session in Sayla’ town. The elected officials […]

USA Embassies under attack over anti-Islam in Many Muslim Countries

Awdalpress(Cairo)Protesters have attacked Western embassies in Tunisia, Yemen and Sudan, as a wave of demonstrations against an anti-Islam film swelled and swept across much of the Muslim world after Friday prayers.The US embassy was the common target while the UK and German embassies in Sudan were stormed by angry mobs. In Tunis, the Tunisian capital, […]

Bar-kulan’s Borame correspondent in custody

Radio-Barkulan(Nairobi)Police in northern Somali town of Borame on Thursday arrested Bar-kulan’s correspondent Hashim Sheikh Omar Goth for allegedly covering a story on the views of locals on the election of the new Somali president. Goth is now being held in Borame’s central police station. His arrest came after Goth covered a story on the reaction […]


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