Awdalnews Network After Bashir Goth

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Awdal news network is known to be one of the first Somali news websites that earned a great fame and popularity since its establishment. The great poet, journalist and writer Bashir Goth served as the editor of the news portal since February 2009, during his service in the website Bashir spared no effort in keeping awdalnews a place where the most influential Somali writers meet and share their issues of concern in good mood.

It was not the name of the news portal that kept the best writers stick to it but the personal charisma, intellect and professional quality of the editor in charge. The reality is that we were all addicted to reading the editorial articles that appeared weekly on the editorial portion of the website. It is needless to say that the daily visitors usually expected to see one scholarly article posted by the influential Somali writers that kept all of us attached to the website with eagerness and interest.

The best Somali Writers of the time used to pass their ideas to their readers for they understood that Awdalnews was one of the most visited websites with the intension of expecting more feedback for their area of concern. This shows how the personal quality of the editor can bring prestige and popularity to a news network and awdalnews network served as a prime example of what an editor meant to a website.

It was on February 2009 that Bashir Goth sent his goodbye message to all Readers of Awdalnews. His goodbye message has broken the hearts of many who admired his Journalistic qualities and to many who were daily contributors of scholarly and educative articles. Many asked themselves what went wrong and made Bashir to leave , many others, I hope urgently turned on their computers to write a message asking him why he took this decision and requested him to stay.

As one of the admirers of Bashir , I personally felt sad to see him leave but I had no other alternative except to wish him in the best of health for his future career .But I did not hesitate to mention that I will miss his knowledgeable and interesting editorial articles.

Soon after we knew that the editor left, we came to know that also all the influential writers followed his path and halted sending articles to the website. Today awdalnews is no more that we used to visit, it was the task of the new editor to keep the track that the former Editor had established .

The website had many friends and foes for its Quality but today it had missed many friends and foes for it lacks all the traits that once kept it at higher standards.

So , I would like to share with the readers with what went wrong with Awdal news network after Bashir Goth and if the readers feel that awdalnews has lost its leadership role in Somali news portals or if it is only me that felt the Demise of ANN .

Hussien Mohamed Yusuf

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