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Muhammad Ali symbolised Africa’s moment of glory .. Bashir Goth

As a transcendent sports legend and an iconic cultural figure, Muhammad Ali’s story reverberated through the African continent and inspired the African youth in various aspects. Ali’s rise to world prominence in the 1960s coincided with the pinnacle of Africa’s independence euphoria when most of the African nations threw off the yoke of European colonialism. […]

Somaliland project opens up Africa for DP World

BERBERA, SOMALILAND // The ports operator DP World is bullish on Africa and will expand further across the continent following a deal to create a new gateway in Somaliland, on its eastern coast. “I am very bullish about Africa and I believe it still has a very huge potential,” the DP World chairman Sultan bin […]

Is He The Silanyo That I Have Read His Biography ?

Is He The Silanyo That I Have Read His Biography ?

It is June 1989 arriving at the most hottest and the most barren spot on the Earth Planet. Siyad Bare killing machine with the collaboration of the Jibouti Gandar – Marine have assassinated a business man called Abdillahi from Putland suspected of being a supporter of the Armed Opposition Party from the Italian Colony at […]

Somalia- Still on the threshold of survival.. M. Bahal

Somalia- Still on the threshold of survival.. M. Bahal

If we assess the present Somali Government whose term of office is about to end, it is apparent that the road map set for the Government is not fully accomplished. Constitution which is the basic laws and principles is unfinished. While most of the Regional States were established with the exception of Lower Shebelle and […]

A triumph of hope over fear: President Abdi Omar’s vision for developing Ethiopian Somali Region

To begin with, for those of you who think I might have ulterior motive for writing this article, please note that I’m apolitical –an entrepreneur who aspires no back scratching or spoils of office – whose only interest is to see my regional state achieve tangible progress in the areas of infrastructure development, economic wellbeing, […]


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