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Minister for Africa Henry Bellingham met the President of Somaliland

Awdalpress(London) 26 Nov.10–This is the President’s first visit to the UK since his successful election in June this year. He was accompanied by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Planning. Minister for Africa Henry Bellingham said: “The UK is proud of it’s historical ties to Somaliland, and we are keen to maintain and strengthen our […]

Djibouti port drives national growth

Awdalpress(Djibouti) 25 Nov.10–Djibouti is attracting investments at a great scale, but economic growth remains slower than in the region, new data show. A boom in Ethiopian trade and use of the Djibouti port however secures sustainable growth. The latest analysis of the Djiboutian economy, published today by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), shows a diverse […]

Revenge and clan based anger cannot build a nation

Revenge and clan based anger cannot build a nation

Editorial-Awdalpress (Borama) 20 Nov.10–When Kulmiye political party was in the election campaign, we have seen President Silanyo playing the tribal card a number of times by evoking the memories of the Somali National Movement (SNM) and his role as the leader of the movement. Despite his divisive political line, many of us gave him the […]

Somali Woman Locks 5 Children In Closet, 2 Found Dead

Somali Woman Locks 5 Children In Closet, 2 Found Dead

INDIANAPOLIS (Awdalpress) A Somali woman claims she “was not in her right mind” when she allegedly locked her five children inside a closet before leaving to visit a friend. Ten hours later she returned to find her 3-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter dead inside.  An Indianapolis police report released Tuesday said 28-year-old Edyan Farah allegedly […]

TOL Organization and Tribal Affiliation

This is the first of a number of educational essays that The Education[1], Culture, and Training Subcommittee of the Tol Leadership Council (TLC) will present for a broader readership. All the essays will reflect the core philosophy of the TLC which defines the concept of Tol (kinship) as a positive, cohesive, inclusive and compassionate social […]

Car bomb, gunmen attack airport in Somali capital

Awdalpress(Mogadishu) 09 Sep.10–A suicide car bomber and a vehicle with militant gunmen attacked the front gate to Mogadishu’s seaside airport on Thursday, triggering an explosion and gunbattle that killed several people, officials said. The coordinated attack was the latest in a surge of assaults by Islamist insurgents, who last month declared a new, stepped-up effort […]

Al-shabab Militias Arrest Businessmen in Baidao

Al-shabab Militias Arrest Businessmen in Baidao

Baidao(Awdalpress) 05 Sep.10– The Al-shabab militias in the capital of the Bay region have arrested ten local businessmen. The traders were arrested from different parts of the main market in Baidao. Among the traders who were arrested today in Baidao are hawkers and small time business people. They were arrested while operating their business this […]

Dozens Dead as Mogadishu Explodes for a Third Day

  Written by Benjamin Joffe-Walt Published Wednesday, August 25, 2010     Analysts say Al Shabaab, an Al Qaeda-inspired group, may soon completely control the teetering Somali capital. Heavy fighting has continued for a third straight day in the Somali capital Mogadishu, which analysts and human rights groups say was in fear of falling to […]

Billionare pledges his fortune for aid

TheNational Tom Hussain, Foreign Correspondent ISLAMABAD // Malik Riaz Hussain, a billionaire Pakistani developer, has responded to the misery of millions of his flood-stricken compatriots by pledging to spend 75 per cent of his fortune on rebuilding their lives. The extraordinary offer was made in a television interview in which he told how he had […]

Statement of Assurance to Our Donors AMOUD FOUNDATION

Statement of Assurance to Our Donors AMOUD FOUNDATION

Aasslamu Aalaikum Wa Rahamatulla Wa Baraktuhu, Bismillah Rahamaani Raheem   In its charitable work to provide humanitarian assistance to impoverished communities in the Horn of Africa and elsewhere, Amoud Foundation complies with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, US department of Justice  & IRS guidelines to ensure donor funds are used for charitable purposes only and […]


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