In Memory of Ambassador Mohamed Omar Dubad

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Mohamed Omar Dubad, the longtime Somali ambassador in Switzerland, died in Geneva on April 14, 2011 of natural causes after a long illness.

Ambassador Dubad was born in Borama circa 1948. He started his education in Borama and later joined Sheikh Secondary school in 1964 where he graduated four years later. The following year he went to the college of education at Afgoi, majoring in mathematics. Upon graduation, he was appointed an instructor at the Math department eventually becoming the head of the Department.

In 1978 he was awarded a scholarship to Southampton University in England for graduate studies in math. It was at the Southampton where, as the top of his class, his professor, who was moving to Ann Arbor University in Michigan, offered to take with him to the American university. That Ambassador Dubad was exceptionally gifted was evidenced by the fact that while he completed his undergraduate education at a local university, he emerged as the top student in his graduate class at the British university. He transferred to Ann Arbor where he earned a master’s degree in Math with a focus on statistics.   

When he returned to Mogadishu, he was assigned as Executive Director at the National Refugee Agency established to provide relief supplies to the nearly 800, 000 people uprooted by the 1977 war between Somalia and Ethiopia. Dr. Mohamed Nuh Ali who teaches at Carlton university in Ottawa recalled: “This operation was behemoth and Mohamed Omar Dubad proved to be a capable leader in terms of his seamless interaction with the UNCHR expatriate staff and the manner he ensured relief supplies-shelter, food, clothes and medicine- were delivered in a timely manner to this large number of displaced people scattered in camps across the country.”

After this stint at the Refugee agency he was sent to the Somali embassy in Geneva to coordinate refugee matters with the UNHCR. He eventually became head of the Somali mission in Geneva. During his long stay there he safeguarded the assets of the people, helped immigrants seeking refugee status in every way possible. He also hosted the late President Mohamed Egal of Somaliland when he visited there in the 1990s.

Ambassador Mohamed Omar Dubad was one of the most gifted sons of Awdal and he will be missed dearly by all.

 We the under-named are profoundly shocked by his passing and would like to extend our sympathies and condolences to his wife, Marwo Fadimo Qalib Kamil, his children Omar, Kawthar, Hoda, Layla and Idil  as well as his mother Hasna Hassan and also to the rest of his immediate family members.

  1. Dr. Moahmed Nuh Ali and Sahra Hassan Habbane.
  2. Ibrahim Hagi Muhumad Aye
  3. Adan Amin Awil
  4. Mohamed Hersi Bahal
  5. Mohamed Hussein Farid
  6. Omar Abdi Egeh
  7. Jama Omar Geele
  8. Dr. Ali Bahar and Roda Hagi Mizan
  9. Mohamed Sheikh Hassan Tani

10.  Dr. Mohamoud Sheikh Hassan Tani

11.  Ali Sugal

12.  Abokar Nuh Ali

13.  Mohamoud Wais

14.  Mohamoud Alaabari

15.  Ali warsame

16.  Saeed Fahiye

17.  Abshir Isse

18.  Saeed Saleh

19.  Mohamoud Abdillahi Iman

20.  Rashid Hassan Matan

21.  Ibrahim A Iman

22.  Mohamed H Sayreh

23.  Abdi Farah Gireh

24.  Adan H Iman

25.  Ahmed A Iman

Adam H.Iman


UK elders

  1. Ahmed Ibrahim Tani
  2. Caydiid Xaaji Dahir
  3. Idiris Maydhane Warsame
  4. Hassan Muuse Khalif
  5. Abdirahman Abdillaahi Jimale
  6. Ahmedweli Sh. Omer
  7. Abdi Maxamud Ismail ( Cabdiweyne)
  8. Qasim Xasan Matan
  9. Bashir Maxamud Yusuf
  10. Ibrahim Caarre Amin
  11. Hussein Cige Farah
  12. Anwar Adan Mahamed
  13. Abdi Cige Good
  14. Abiib Dugsiye
  15. Cabdirahman Cali Kahiye
  16. Cabdiraxman Omer Bile
  17. Aden Cilmi Maxamud ( Dallacaaye)
  18. Ismail Hussein
  19. Abdi Barkhad ( Shimbir )
  20.  Mahamed Xaamud Sheekh
  21.  Mahamed Xasan Sh. Mumin
  22. Mahamud Sh. Ibrahim

 Allaha u naxariisto Mohamed Omer Dubad


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