Somaliland: Massive Demonstrations Held in Hargeisa Denouncing UK Travel Ban

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H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) was among thousands of somalilanders who took part in a massive demonstration held in capital ,Hargeisa earlier today to denounce a decision by the UK Government to issue a travel advice which warned Uk citizens against travelling to Somaliland.
Thousands among thousands of Somalilanders  came out in force today waving the tri color flag of Somaliland and other national memorabilia’s in a bid to express their discontent this while responding to Sunday’s UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s revised travel advice for Somaliland.
President Silanyo Joined the cheering demonstrators who earlier were camped outside the parliament building to listen his state of union speech address walking more than half a kilometer shoulder in shoulder with fellow countrymen in a momentous moment of unity, putting aside their recent bitter conflicting divisions caused by the 28TH November 2012 local elections.
“We the people of Somaliland consider the people of Great Britain as our brothers of whom we had friendly relations spanning for more than two centuries and we look forward in maintaining those same cordial relations,” said President Silanyo.
The demonstrators called on the Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain to intervene and retract the decision of the foreign office terming it unfair.
Similar Demonstrations also took place in Gabiley, Caynaba ,Las Geel, and other major towns across the country.
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Read the comments:

Southern Somalia has major difficulty to come out of the path of senseless death and war. Peace will not prevail in a place where grave diggers are beg and pray for more bullets and bombs. businessmen in southern Somalia want to sell more Kafan to maintain their profit margin while the armed forces are robbing people in daylight and raping teenager girls. It is unlikely that normalcy and stability could be established in environment like that without help.

In 1960s, the only force that could bring the disturbances in Mogadishu under control were the Somaliland Camel Corps. It seems we need Somali Camel Corps today more than ever. Please refrain from inciting hatred between the Somali people. We need every Somali so that we can restore our nation and dignity collectively and together.

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Truth10's avatarTruth10· 1 hour ago

Allemagan, I apologise bro. But my hate was directed only to the separatists and not the Isaaq people or north-west Somalia. But I get your point, and I will not use that sort of language any more, the same way I stopped using Is@@q name when referring to the separatists.
Thank you.

Kayse's avatarKayse· 6 hours ago

The separatists are demonstrating against their adopted father when he told them he will not visit nor recognize their silly tribalism….this must be heart breaking news for the two sub-clans and their minority members.

Meanwhile, warlord and criminal Silaanyo is wanted in a UK court and he will not return to UK unless its for his illness.

I did say everyone will turn against tribalism and 19th century colonial claims that never occurred…

What is the next chapter of lies?

The separatists believe Britain is their adopted father just because he bought few goats for his army in Aden for few decades…now like a widow they on the street mourning and grieving again. Their whole DNA spells “grieve” for me under my Lab.


Son of a Garhajis man, the most realist Isaaq-Somali family mohahahaha….no Habashi blood.

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Amirah Istal-Somali's avatarAmirah Istal-Somali· 5 hours ago

🙂 Loooool Axsan yaa Ingiriis Cade, this is what happens when you use British imperialism and slavery as a reference point for separation. I hope you learn your lessons and never mention that colonial BS again coz the Queen don’t want you..

Moamar's avatarMoamar· 5 hours ago

Truth and Sade sitting in a tree KISSING.

Truth1's avatarTruth1· 11 hours ago

Soon those two sub-clans of the Is@@q tribe will be labelled as terrorist supporters. And before you know, in a blink of an eye, troops from Somalia supported by Amisom will be funded to finish of what should have been finished by the Kacaankii (not that I’m happy with the innocent people who died as a result of collateral damage).

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wanlaweyn's avatarwanlaweyn· 9 hours ago

i am so sorry to see all these people demonstrating because they care what Britain thinks.
only if the cared what their fellow Somalis think as much as they care about Britain.
The fact is HS mohamud Ulusow is working hard around the world to tell them to listen to him and ONLY him and many countries are accepting him including US and UK. so the only route open for puntland AND ssSomaliland regions are to listen to their presidents and forget about what might or might not have been kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Moamar's avatarMoamar· 9 hours ago

Now watch out for the Sade and Truth they joined forces.

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Sade Xtraordinaire 's avatarSade Xtraordinaire· 9 hours ago

It is extremely unsafe to be in the northern regions because of the following reasons:
1) There are clan strife in Zaylac(Gudabursi vs Ciise)
2) There are clan strife in Hargeisa( Habaryoonis vs Habarjeclo)
3) Clan strife in Xudun(Isaaq vs Dhulbahante)
All these political unstability is happening in the northern regions the socalled maamulka somaliland.

Besides that the terrorist alshabaab group is in Galgala mountains, not far from Maamulka Somaliland.
The head of the terrorist group comes from the i$@@q clan, he is against suicide attacks in maamulka somaliland his homeland, but he agreed to the muhaajiriin(foreign alqeada fighters) to abduct and kill western people in his homeland i$@@qland.

All these are important reasons why the western people must not visit the northern regions of Somalia Republic. They can however visit Mogadishu, it is very safe. You are welcome here to take part in the progress in the capital of Somalia Republic.

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