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In recent years, Somaliland has been the haunting witch that threatened the existence of Ismail Omar and his defunct system. He tried to chase it, corner it and then frame it in different stagiest but couldn’t succeed. Finally, he got the right gate and it seems to be Zeila. He also found competent chief of staff for demolition and destruction and that is Siilanyo.

Together, they are advancing, working hard without wasting time. The march to the gates of Somaliland is right on route and bells of trouble are ringing everywhere. These AMISOM forces will soon be passing Zeila to Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao and Erigavo. Not a joke nor a dream but the truth and the whole truth. They make business of where the fish smell and all the symptoms and signs are well planned in Zeila.

Zeila was long forgotten and the Minister of Interior’s recent visit revealed the bitter facts and the sad story. Unlike Egal, God bless his soul, Siilanyo and Rayale negligence accommodated this potential trouble. Now, they could not reverse their own mountain size mistake. within the times of Silanyo and Rayale Zeila went into the dark and developed to be the only place in the whole country where:

  1. The so called governor and the mayor are both appointed from Djibouti and are residents of Djibouti. They work as an ambassador, not as public administrators for our community.
  2. Djiboutian children are loaded in buses in the mornings and transported to Zeila schools and then reloaded in the afternoon back to Djibouti.
  3. Proper Somaliland children are denied access to the public school when Djiboutian foreign children are reserved for the right of learning.
  4. Illegal Djibouti foreigners freely cross borders, violently protest, burn public Somaliland property and then go back to Djibouti without fear of any laws. Worse than that Somaliland first lady and her finance minister visited the perpetrators in Djibouti hospital paying tribute, money. Where on earth is that possible?  Only in Siilaanyo and Ismail systems of governance
  5. Djibouti foreigners are allowed to cross border in masses and vote in another country for their candidate who lives in Djibouti
  6. French language, the Djiboutian official language is taught in schools

The real questions are: who has the right to give away part of our country to another country? The answer is simple. NO ONE CAN DO THAT

There is a Somali adage which say, “Ninkaad kabo ka tolanayso kabihiisa ayaa la eegaa.” Ismail could not provide the basic services to the tiny population in Djibouti. They don’t have adequate health care, education, electricity and water. He is also popular for notoriety, conspiracy and corruption. Traits he shares with Siilanyo and his hunch team.

For more than two decades, many people expected to see the bitter feud that existed between different clans were dead and buried, but after recent events, I’m afraid to say that the ghost of tribalism is haunting Somaliland and the drums of war are being imported from Djibouti.

Many people have a strong feeling of division in their hearts and we are forgetting that many people lost their lives in a senseless bloody war. Today in Somaliland and in Djibouti, tribalism is visible in schools, work places, locations and astonishingly, among media outlets and journalists.

Immature and irrational elder claimants and arrogant ignorant politicians are talking empty and shocking words in public, creating ill-feelings among communities. We all see it unhealthy for young generations to witness the ‘Domino Effect Theory’ of tribalism drummed up by Siilaanyo and Ismael. If the elders are fighting and the kids emulate the example, surely the tribal-ghost will haunt the region forever.

School children peaceful protester killings in Borama and Hargeisa create hopelessness and desperation among the general public. Everywhere in the country, if left to take their own course as appears to be the case, pose grave threat to the co-existence and integrity of the people in the country. Awdal and its people, particularly, has been victimised and marginalized in many ways and for many years when the killing of innocents made the brew still more poisonous. They said enough is enough and can’t take it anymore. Many reasonable people see it that way.

Today, the red alarm is on and the inhabitants of the country are walking on thin ice. If people continue to be enemies, if they continue to exchange shocking words, if they provoke others to make them look bad, then surely the thin ice will melt and the region might end up in a civil war. Siilanyo’s bad governance is responsible

That is the time when Ismail is planning to call AMISOM for intervention. He is already involved and an integral from seat driver in AMISOM and in Mogadisho. Ismail’s vehicle is to encourage the evil feelings of tribalism and to spread it much faster than any pandemic and by the time we’ll find the vaccine against it, it will be too little too late.

Osman Elmi


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