Bar-kulan’s Borame correspondent in custody

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Radio-Barkulan(Nairobi)Police in northern Somali town of Borame on Thursday arrested Bar-kulan’s correspondent Hashim Sheikh Omar Goth for allegedly covering a story on the views of locals on the election of the new Somali president.

Goth is now being held in Borame’s central police station. His arrest came after Goth covered a story on the reaction of locals in Borame over the election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

In his coverage, locals welcomed Mr. Mohamud’s election saying that the new president may usher in a new era for the war-torn Somalia and contained no any political incitement against the area administration.

Area local officials remained tight-lipped over the arrest of the correspondent.

Bar-kulan demanded the immediate release of the journalist as his arrest infringes his personal rights and that of freedom of expression.

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