Journalists arrested in Borame town, Awdal region

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Awdalpress(Borama) 12 Jan,12– Somaliland police have arrested three local journalists in Borame town since Tuesday morning, reports say.

Reports say two journalists were arrested on Wednesday while the third one was arrested on Tuesday under unknown circumstances.

The journalists, Ali Ismail Are and Mohamed Omar Sheikh, work for Waaheen and Sahafi newspapers respectively, while Yussuf Indo-quruh is a reporter for a Somali TV channel, Royal TV.

The reasons behind their arrest are yet to be known but reports say that the TV journalist, Yussuf Indo-quruh, was arrested after an aid agency allegedly lodged a case against him. But the nature of the case still remains in the dark.

The area administration has not yet issued any statements regarding the arrest of the three journalists in Borame.


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