A Story about the History of Iran

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(Awdalpress-Ottawa)Once upon a time , long , long time ago , when the country called Iran was Persia it had a Shah called Zahir Khan. Zahir Khan was not a perfect Shah , but on the average he was a very good one. His decade of rule was peaceful and just for the most part. He kept the country intact , defeated Uzpakistan and freed the eastern part of Persia. He also kept the land out of the grasp of the the corrupt and fratricidal Ottomans. However, the people of the Capital City did not see him as a lively Shah. They got bored with him and invited the old leader of the Qizilbash of the east to be the new Shah. Everybody knew that the Qizilbash were good , honest and upright men. Except they were a little fanatic. They believed in the infallibility of their Old Leader . If you say he made a mistake , they will not hesitate to throw the spear at you. As the bee would sting you if you say something like “ to hell with the Queen” ; so were the Qizilbash or close to it . As far as the old leader was concerned , sometimes you would think that they believe that he is the Twelveth Hidden Imam of the Shia sect of the land.


When the leader became the Shah , he turned to be a cruel ruler. He castrated some people and blinded others. Among the castratos was Ras Marbud , a fierce military leader of the Capital Region , and who was one of the first leaders who welcomed him to the Capital City. However , he could not blind the old warrior Eng. Maulana Wadaad Nadiif Qalbi who helped the Old Shah with revenue collection and proper Book-Keeping, but who when he saw filth and corruption in the Khanate just decided to quit.


As the story related most Qizilbash are upright people. Of course there were some greedy bad apples among them. The chief trader of the group Mir Dahab Wallyati claimed all the mountains , forests and lakes of the land. Another one was the Gate-Keeper of the Old Shah Bab Dinal-Bahai He took for himself all the alms and the charities of the poor and when caught red handed in the cookie jar , accused the young innocent Governor Karim Al dowleh of the Capital Region.

It was at that point that all the people of Persia took a stand. First the Camel-raider tribes of the south called a Persian Savation Conference . Then the Sheep-herding people to the coast agreed. Then the peaceful farmers of the west accepted the call. The peo;le of the capital Region facilitated the conference. The Old Shah was deposed and the race began for a new Shah. Surprisingly enough , among the front runners was Ras Marbud . He got his balls back and proved everybody wrong by being the most open-minded of all the political leaders during the Salvation Conferenc. People changed his name into Ras Maftuuh. The Qizzilbash found a lot of precious metal and minerals in their mountains of the east and all of them ran back the otherway. Howver, the Old Shah who never liked the life style in the east , stayed in the Capital and set up a Liberary where he would argue with the people on how much he accomplished In his life time , which most of it could not be denied. Oh I forgot to tell you the name of the Old Shah . It was Nidam Khalkhali Musa al Akhyar.

Mohamud Tani Ottawa Canada

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