A small tribute in pictures to our friend and classmate Abdirahman Mohamoud Muse (Quraab)

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abdiqurabWe the flowing friends and classmates of Abdirahman Mohamoud wish ALLAH’s blessings to him and to our other Friends in these memorable photos

1. Ismail Abdi Sugal

2. Hassan Aaye

3. mohamed Hassan Dari

4. Dahir Nur Obsiye

5. Abdillah Omar Qadi

6. Abdi Omar Bille

7. Khalid Mohamed Mubarak

8. Abdiwahab Sayid Osman

from left to right

Abdirahman Mohamoud (Quraab) (RXM), Abdillah Omar Qadi, Djiboutain, Hassan Biif (RXM), Ali Haji Olhaye, Mohamoud Ali(Gury) and Djiboutain

Sitting Row:

Ibrahim Haji Abdi Buux (RXM) Saeed Elmi (busaro)(RXM) and Ahmed Mumin Dholaal (RXM)

Presented by Abdullah Omar qadi

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